Introducing Purrch

The New Purrch App is Here!

Imagine a space where you can soak up wag-happy stories about furballs living their best life, connect with other pet parents, and help the world become a better place for floofs? That place exists, and it’s called Purrch!

New Here? Let Us Tell You About the Purrch App

Formerly EdgyPet, Purrch is a pet-first social media app where pet owners can interact with one another to share and discuss the many facets of pet ownership. And if you’re already the proud parent of a very special good boy or girl, then you know there’s a lot to share. From LOL moments to real-time advice to tribulations, Purrch is the space for pet nerds to unleash. Whether you need a hearty laugh, friendship, or an adorable reprieve from the rest of the ‘net', our community is here and waiting at the door for you.

The Shiny New Purrch App

When we launched the beta version of our app in Spring 2020, we knew we were on to something. And just like that—we were off! Sometimes our paws couldn’t keep up with our brains, but when you’ve got that much momentum you just keep running.

The best part is that we’re not tuckered out yet! In fact, all that creativity, excitement, and hard work has led us to the launch of our shiny new Purrch app. It has many of the features you know and love from the beta version, but in an improved package. Here are the new treats in store for you:

Tails — Our Version of “Stories”

In addition to traditional posts that appear in your Purrch feed, the new Purrch app now has “Tails.” Think of it like “Stories” meets “Reels,” where you can share on-the-fly moments and musings, be it an everyday moment, a walk in the park, or a vet visit. Best of all, you can let your post linger for 24 hours before expiring, or you can choose to save it indefinitely to your profile. Plus, you get your pick of word bubbles and stickers for extra flair!





Re-imagined Approach to Helping Pets Find Their Forever Home

We’ve harnessed our unique pet-first, data-driven foundation to make it even easier for pets to find their future hooman.

Here’s how it works: a rescue shelter creates a profile for the future adoptee, indicating that floof’s basic info, personality traits, and specific needs. Based on that data, their profile makes their way to the perfect audience of people seeking a furever companion that might just be the perfect fit. (It’s kinda-sorta like online dating, only way better.)

Users get to engage with these animals, too, making the adoption process a richer and more authentic experience all around. Did someone say incoming cuddles?


Anyone Can Join in on the Fun

Previously, the Purrch app was specifically for existing pet owners. Now anyone who has a soft spot for animals can get in on the fun. That includes people pondering the possibilities of welcoming a pet into their life, people who used to have pets or know someone who does, and people who just can’t get enough of that feel-good pet content. We’re pretty sure you can produce endorphins simply by looking at floof.




Purrch is powered by a team of ultra-passionate pet peeps, adoption advocates, and fellow pet nerds who believe that animals big and smol make us—and the world—better. We can’t wait to see your heckin’ cute pets, watch your Tails, and build friendships along the way. You can download the Purrch app here. If you already own the Purrch app, be sure to get the updated version here