Purrch is Making it Easier for Foster Pets to Find Their Forever Homes

We’re always wracking our brains around here to figure out the best way to make the Purrch experience better for you, for pets, and for the organizations that we work with. We had a lightbulb moment recently—one that involved making the fostering process more of a breeze—and with some hard work we made our idea a reality! The best part? It’ll help more pets find their forever homes.

What are Foster Pets and Foster Pet Parents?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a pet foster parent, it’s very similar to a foster relationship with children. A pet foster parent essentially provides a currently homeless pet with a temporary space to live—along with lots of love and TLC—until they find their forever home.

Pet foster parents are incredibly important in the animal rescue world. For starters, they provide a home to pets in situations where a shelter either doesn’t have the space, time, or funds to adequately take care of a currently homeless pet.

These incredible people also provide pets with socialization and the kind of ongoing, hands-on care that might sometimes be required until an animal is completely adoptable. For example, there are some pet foster parents who participate in “bottle feeding” foster programs. In this case, a pet is so young (and without their fur parent) that they need a human to feed them special milk out of a bottle.

This graphic, created by Mad Talent Designs, explains the process from beginning to end.

How We’re Helping Foster Pets and Parents

During a conversation with Rescue City, one of our newest rescue partners here at Purrch, we learned that their organization relies very heavily on foster parents. They do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar facility to house their intakes. Instead, Rescue City relies on foster parents to care for animals until their forever human enters the picture.

Until now, there wasn’t a social platform that supported foster parents’ natural desire to authentically connect with potential adoptive parents. Purrch has officially changed that! Now, app users and rescue organizations can create unique profiles for their foster pets so that others can “meet” and interact with them in an organic way.  

“The new functionality will allow foster parents to independently add and post about animal companions in their care while ensuring the critical link between these animals and their organization stays intact,” explains Vail Weymann, Purrch’s co-founder and CEO. “In addition, each foster pet's profile will have an adopt-me link that will track back to the organization’s website.”

In a nutshell, this new function allows the foster network to dramatically expand its reach, thereby allowing potential adoptive families to meet and fall in love with the pets. Ideally, this will help expedite the adoption process and ensure a more perfect fit. It also promotes a tighter bond between current foster parents and their rescue organizations and will allow that pet foster parent and the organization to stay in touch with the pet after its adoption.

“This new functionality is very exciting,” says Dana Kats, executive director at Rescue City. “It creates another strong avenue for us to be able to connect our family of foster parents and pets to the community at large. It also doubles as a way for our foster family to connect with each other during and after the fostering process. Any way we can support those relationships and set our pets up for success is a win.”

This new technology is officially live on the app, so go explore! And if you’re a current pet foster parent, make sure to edit your profile to indicate that. When creating or editing the profile, simply select “foster pet” and then link your pet with the affiliated rescue organization.

Purrch is powered by a team of ultra-passionate pet peeps, adoption advocates, and fellow pet nerds who believe that animals big and smol make us—and the world—better. We can’t wait to see your heckin’ cute pets, watch your Tails, and build friendships along the way. You can download the Purrch app here