We’re on a Mission, And We Want You to Join Us

You already know that one of our primary objectives here at Purrch is to make the world a better place for pet people and their pets. Part of that means creating a safe and welcoming space where we can all hang out, share advice, indulge in some LOLs, and make authentic connections.

Another aspect of that is collaborating with incredible organizations that have made it their mission to advocate for pets and educate both pet owners and the general public.

These organizations are able to utilize Purrch’s pet-first, smart technology to expand their reach to a targeted audience that adores animals of every shape, size, and floofiness. At the same time, they are able to create profiles for their shelter pets in need of adoption, which can help their efforts in finding the perfect forever home.

With that said, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with three wonderful rescue organizations: PAWS, Adopt-A-Dog and ALIVE Rescue. We’ve shared a bit of information on each below.


Based in upstate New York, Adopt-A-Dog is dedicated to helping pets find loving homes. Their approach is unique in that they prioritize taking in dogs that are often unwanted or abandoned. Once welcomed to the shelter, there’s a strong emphasis on socialization and behavior training. The goal is to help these otherwise “difficult to adopt” pets more easily integrate themselves into families.

Every interaction at the shelter is considered an opportunity for dogs to become as adoptable as possible. Once adopted, Adopt-A-Dog provides a full behavioral history of their newest family member. Dogs who are part of the "Diamonds in Ruff" program also receive free hands-on lessons prior to bringing their pup home.

“We know how important it is for organizations like ours to stay connected to current and prospective pet owners to ensure that our dogs find loving homes,” said Samara Enders of Adopt-A-Dog. The Purrch mobile app is a perfect way for our organization to stay involved with a growing community of pet lovers and advocates.”

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PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)

PAWS was founded by a group of dedicated friends in 1967. What began as a small rescue in Lynwood, Wash. grew into a wide-reaching organization that has now united over 130,000 pets with loving owners.

In addition to adopting homeless cats and dogs into loving homes from shelters in Lynnwood and Seattle, PAWS provides emergency care and rehabilitation services to orphaned and injured wild animals with the goal of restoring them to full health and returning them back to the wild. To date, they've cared for over 140,000 wild animals of 260 species. The organization has also made it their mission to educate youth and inspire compassionate action for animals.

With Purrch, PAWS will broaden their outreach with education, bringing their knowledge to a targeted, nationwide audience. 

"PAWS is always looking to welcome animal lovers to our family—people who want to help homeless cats and dogs find homes and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals for release back to the wild,” says Laura Follis, the organization’s director of marketing and communication. “We think the Purrch app will prove to be a place to find these people who join us in this important work."

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ALIVE Rescue

ALIVE Rescue is a Chicago-based no-kill animal rescue specializing in the old, unwanted, the sick, and forgotten. Founded in March 2008 as a rescue and safe haven for animals through the sole use of foster homes, ALIVE is now months away from opening a new shelter and sanctuary that will allow them to double the number of animals they are able to save. 

Believing that every animal has the right to a well-balanced, socialized and fulfilled life, ALIVE Rescue provides medical, behavioral, and physical support for animals despite their age, health and/or breed. They also promote sustainable living and caregiving within their communities by building awareness, appreciation, and respect for all animals and the environment. 

"During our initial meeting with Purrch, it was clear how much love, passion, and thought was being put into creating this community," says Kristin Gerali, the organization's Founder and President. ALIVE Rescue knew we needed to partner with Purrch in order to help us network our hard-to-place animals and to connect with like-minded individuals. ALIVE Rescue is honored to be a part of this launch." 

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We are so excited to see this part of Purrch grow, and we’re eager to see how these partnerships will improve the lives of pets and owners from all over. Having you by our side makes it all the better! Make sure to follow these organizations on the Purrch app, and keep your ears perked for more exciting partnerships in the pipeline.

Purrch is powered by a team of ultra-passionate pet peeps, adoption advocates, and fellow pet nerds who believe that animals big and smol make us—and the world—better. We can’t wait to see your heckin’ cute pets, watch your Tails, and build friendships along the way. You can download the Purrch app here