How We Got Here


This is the story of all the pets, all the humans who love them and the crusade that saved them all.

Let’s start with the humans, two self-proclaimed pet nerds named Vail and Ken who can’t remember a time without animal friends in their world. In their pre-Purrch lives, Vail was a seasoned investment banker and Ken a talented developer and designer. Their meeting was serendipitous, as the two both felt an inner itch to make the world a better place for pets.

After some time and much brainstorming, they came up with the perfect way to do so: a social media platform that connected fellow pet enthusiasts. Both realized they could harness their existing skills—and learn a few new tricks—to make their vision a reality.

Like any bright idea, this pet-first social platform took a few years and a revamp to perfect, but the hard work was worth it all.

Purrch is now the only pet-first social network in the world—a social sanctuary created by pet nerds for pet nerds. Using unique technology, it brings together pet people of all types and locales, giving them a place to unleash, learn, and create friendships. It’s the place to find community, have authentic conversations, and of course get a good LOL. Purrch’s technology also helps rescue organizations find that perfect forever home fit for animal companions in their care.

Inside the safe haven of Purrch, everyone gets to live happily ever after. Come see for yourself!



Purrch wouldn't be possible without its PurrchPeople! This diverse group of pet enthusiasts has joined forces, each harnessing their individual superpowers to deliver a very special community.


  • Headshot of Emma Gallagher
    Emma Gallagher
    Rescue Retriever
    Emma sniffs out social strays, gives them forever homes at Purrch, and helps them tell their tails.
  • Headshot of Wendy Rose Gould
    Wendy Rose Gould
    Paw-py Editor
    Wendy pounces on wordsmithing projects, including Purrch’s weekly newsletter, The Scoop, and blog posts.
  • Headshot of Ken Herbert
    Ken Herbert
    Co-Founder, Daddy Longlegs
    With many eyes on the prize and lots of legwork, Ken keeps the world spinning inside the Purrch web.
  • Headshot of Shannon Lorraine
    Shannon Lorraine
    Shannon’s roar keeps the outside world tuna’d in and attracts the udderly purrfect partners to join our pride.
  • Headshot of Danielle Manello
    Danielle Manello
    Danielle bats away at words, plays with tails and does her best work outside the box.
  • Headshot of Vail Weymann
    Vail Weymann
    Co-Founder, Bun-evolent Overlord
    As chief hoperator, Vail makes every de-tail at Purrch, as a hole, perfect. Everybunny agrees.
  • Headshot of Hannah Winter
    Hannah Winter
    Hannah builds bigger, better lodgings for the growing Purrch community. Daughter of Queen Bee.
  • Headshot of Shoshana Winter
    Shoshana Winter
    Queen Bee
    Shoshana’s marketing nectar has everyone buzzing about Purrch and stinging its praises.
  • Headshot of Rebecca Zellner
    Rebecca Zellner
    Rebecca nourishes our partners, supports their well-being and makes sure they feel full of pride.



Why have one mascot when you could have a litter? Each of our PurrchPets has their own personality, and all are equally excited to help you feel at home. Be on the lookout—you never know when or where they'll pop in to say hello!


  • Headshot of Floof
    They tell me I’m a bit mischievous and unpredictable. That’s a good thing, right? See you around!
  • Headshot of Derp
    I’m equal parts silly goofball and lovably sweet with a twist of LOL. Let’s not take life too seriously, OK?
  • Headshot of Chonk
    Some people eat with their eyes, but where’s the fun in that? Gimme all the yums! My belly is ready.
  • Headshot of Bork
    My motto is, ‘rules good, chaos bad.’ Coloring outside of the lines can be fun sometimes but let’s not get carried away here!
  • Headshot of Boop
    My nose leads the way while exploring life’s many nooks and crannies. Not sure what I’m looking for… but I’ll know when I find it!
  • Headshot of Squee
    I can’t get enough of all the cute things. The tiny toe beans, the fluffy bellies, the lil teefies. I say it’s the little stuff that makes life grand.



Think of these animal companions as Purrch’s brand ambassadors. Eager to take the lead, these furry, feathery, and sometimes scaly pets have a pretty good time here at Purrch. Look to them to learn the ropes!