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A place where pet parents tackle everyday challenges together.

From puppy training tips to caring for aging pets, purrch provides community and conversation for those navigating the everyday ins, outs, ups, and downs of pet parenthood. Join us.

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Join purrch communities - Anxious Pups for dogs with anxiety - Health Habbits for dog and cat fitness and nutrition - Tummy Troubles for dogs strugging with digestive issues, diarrhea, and vomiting.

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Icon illustrations of a dog, cat, bird, mouse, and turtle, showing that you can choose to add any type of pet on the purrch pet parent app.
Showing an example of a pet named Marshmellow's tags: Allergies, Bad Breathe, Organic Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Adventurer, Couch Potato, Foot Sitter, Grass Eater, Cuddle Bug, Fart Machine, Yoga Poser, Bed Hog and many more.

Ask questions and swap advice.

Quote bubbles showing what you can discuss on purrch: recommended pet products, the best cat food brands, top dog food brands, sistainable pet products, eco friendly dog toys, pet friendly hotels, dog parks near me, best veteranarians near me and so much more.

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products to love.

A good dog product to help with dog separation anxiety, the Nina Ottoson - Hide N' Slide, which is the perfect distraction for pets with separation anxiety.
A good cat product called The Litter-Robot - 3 Connect which automatically cleans the litter after you cat does it's business thus making pet parenthood a little easier.

Share local insights.

Dogs chasing eachother in a local dog park near them. Meeting new dog friends near them.
Example of a cat showing in a photo from a good local pet photographer.

Learn from pet pros.

Content post to help dog parents struggling with separation anxiety dogs.
Showing a cat relaxing on a couch. A post to help you adopt/foster a pet - What to know about being a foster parent.
Pet parent tips about dog safety while swimming and nearby pools, the beach, or a lake.

Create wag-happy content.

Discover and iteract with all kinds of pets, any dog breeds, share, discover, learn and become a better pet parent.
Showing a funny bird with glasses, a chinchilla eating good food, a funny cat video with a cat on a skateboard, and a dog mom hugging her dalmation.
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powerful community
platform for pet people.
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Pet parents discussing a diarrhea treament for dogs. Other pet owners responding on how to tream my dogs diarrhea.

Good vibes. Warm community. Fresh approach.

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    Feel Connected
    Make new friends and unleash in a passionate community of pet parents and industry pros.
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    Find Support
    Navigate pet parenthood with others. Ask questions, get advice, offer an ear, or lend your own wisdom.
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    Have Confidence
    Trust in a community that’s forever at your fingertips for quick answers and long-term support.

Your companion. Your journey.

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Pet people, united
Whether you’re a new pet parent, have loads of experience, or are toying with the idea of adoption, you can rely on purrch throughout your parenthood journey. Our passionate community is there for you 24/7.
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Showing two different types of pet owners on purrch and their families, a dog mom, a dog dad and a cat mom. One of them is a first time dog owner.
Image of ingredients for homemade salmon dog food, sustainable and eco-friendly pet products, and a puppy chasing butterflies in dog videos.
Expert-led communities
Benefit from the diverse perspectives offered by pet parents and pros within our expert-led, topic-specific communities. Dish on homemade pet food, discover new products, and get insight into your pet’s behavior, health or medical conditions.
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Infographic showing content you can see on purrch based on your profile tags. Finding pet friendly parks near me, top dog food brands, and a dog coat with a harness hole.
A bespoke experience
Enjoy an authentic, fine-tuned feed that wholly supports your pet parent journey. Engage with pet parents grouped together by their pets’ shared attributes -- breed, health conditions, personality, dietary needs, you name it.
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Infographic showing content you can see on purrch based on your profile tags. Finding pet friendly parks near me, top dog food brands, and a dog coat with a harness hole.
Image of astronaut and dog.
On a mission
We're a pet app pioneering an easier way for pet parents to find tangible, real-life solutions to shared, everyday pet parenting challenges. Better for our pets. Better for all of us. Who’s with us?
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People Love Us!

  • Five stars review for the purrch pet parents app.
    Yordin C
    Easy to use and fun!
    This app is really nicely done. Very easy to use. I already found several pets that have similar health conditions and personality tags to mine. The quirky tags are my hilarious! “Butt Sniffer”, “Toy Hoarder”, “Head Tilter”, “Sock Stealer” 😂. It’s also not just limited to dogs or cats, there are all kinds of pets on here. Even ferrets!
  • Five stars review for the purrch pet parents app.
    Fun and helpful
    Really nice have an easy-to-navigate social media platform for pet owners. I love seeing the pictures of other cute dogs, but what I most appreciate about it is that the feed for each of my different pets is curated specifically for animals with their shared characteristics and quirks, making it a particularly helpful resource for asking and giving advice or sharing a product your fur baby really loves.
  • Five stars review for the purrch pet parents app.
    Plantain Jane
    Love it!
    My daughter and I love Purrch. It’s so nice to have a virtual space focussed on what we love looking at most: pets. Super fun and it’s one of the only apps that I like my daughter and I engaging with together.
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