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10 Reasons to Join purrch Right Now

So you’ve heard some chatter about the purrch app, huh? Purrch is the world's first and only social media app created for pet parents and their pets. Whether you’ve got a slithering lizard, a fluffy pooch, a cuddly feline, a squawking bird, or an adorable gerbil, the purrch app was literally made for you

Here are 10 reasons why you should join the purrch app right now. (P.S. you can download the app here. And it’s free!)


1. You’ll Get All Your Pet Questions Answered

Not sure why your pup has a tendency to eat grass? Curious about the best DIY meals you can whip up for your kitty? Or are you not quite sure how to handle your dog’s anxiety? Ask your question in the purrch app and you’ll get responses from both everyday pet parents like you and a panel of industry pros. 


2. You Can Connect With Others Who Just Get It

Whether you’re interacting on the main feed or participating in niche groups dedicated to specific topics—like canine cancer, pet anxiety, or felines—purrch connects you with other pet parents who care about the same things as you. 


3. You’ll Interact With Pet Experts in Real-Time

Purrch partners with leading industry experts doing incredible things in the pet space. From veterinarians to behaviorists to trainers, nutrition experts, and beyond, you’ll be able to interact with pet experts in real-time. 


4. You Can Lend Some of Your Own Advice 

The purrch is the purrrfect place to bestow some of your well-earned wisdom. Whether you’re a long-time pet owner, know a lot about a certain type of pet, have experience dealing with a certain pet condition or habit, you never know how much your expertise can help another.


5. You’ll Build Confidence as a Pet Parent

We know you care about being the best pet parent out there. The purrch app helps you navigate all the ins and outs of pet parenthood so you feel confident in your parenting skills. Purrch is a passionate community of people ready to offer diverse perspectives and real wisdom.


6. You’ll Enjoy a Bespoke Experience 

Your purrch feed is completely customized according to your pet type and the topics and concerns that matter most to you. For example, if you’re the owner of a senior kitty cat with arthritis, you’ll get to meet other pet parents with the same sort of pet. Or if you’re a dog foster parent you’ll connect with others who are part of the foster community, too. 


7. You’ll Foster New, Authentic Friendships 

One of the best ways to make new friends is to connect with others who have similar experiences and shared interests. Purrch puts you in touch with people who care about pets just as much as you do. 


8. You Can Show Off Your Pet

Our sources are telling us that your camera roll is currently filled with adorable pictures of your pet that deserve to be seen by others. There’s no such thing as posting too many pics of your pets at purrch. Go for it! 


9. You Can Customize Your Pet Pics 

Purrch has a cool, in-app editing tool for you to customize your photos. We can’t wait to see those hilarious, sweet, silly, and adorable pet pics! 


10. You’ll Help Your Pet Live a Better Life

The more you know and understand about your pet, the better. Whether you’re navigating a newly diagnosed pet condition, just adopted a puppy for the first time, or aren’t sure how to care for a senior pet, the purrch helps you and your pet live your best lives! 


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