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8 Eco Friendly Pet Products to Celebrate Earth Month

There’s never a bad time to make eco-smart choices, but if you’re looking for a special way to celebrate Earth Month—which is officially every April—then purchasing an environmentally-friendly pet product is a special way to do so. It’s also a good time to start thinking about the ways even small choices can impact our planet and the animals who inhabit it.

From a litter box made with recycled plastic from the ocean to collars made with bamboo, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite earth-friendly pet products.


Tuft & Paw - Cove Litterbox, $149

Made from recycled plastics recovered from the ocean, Tuft & Paw’s Cove Litterbox has reimagined the traditional manual-clean box into one that’s sleek, sophisticated, and simple. What also sets it apart is that it's an all-in-one kit that includes an integrated scoop and dustpan (if you know, you know). It also has a grippy base to prevent sliding. Like all the other products made by the company, it was designed and built by a team of furniture designers, engineers, and animal behaviorists.



World's Best - Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter, $34.99

Speaking of litter boxes, you’ve got to keep it filled. World’s Best is a go-to option for so many cat owners because of its eco-friendly, flushable formula. (No more walking the poo down the stairs or to the trash!) It clumps quickly, is 99% dust free, and made with 100% natural materials, like whole kernel corn or wheat. It’s also free of perfumes and chemicals and effectively conceals odor.



Petique - Eco Pet Ball Python Squeaky Hemp Dog Toy, $19.99

Every good boy or girl needs a fun toy! This Earth month, we challenge you to swap in some eco-friendly options, like this python-shaped squeaky toy made from non-toxic hemp fibers instead of synthetic materials. It’s a great one for playing fetch, tugging, and chewing.










Wild One - Toy Kit, $39

Wild One's collection of simple, earth-friendly pet toys are made with two ingredients: 100% natural rubber and 100% natural cotton. They're good for the earth and good fun for you and your fluff—plus they come in five unexpected colors.



Mollymutt - Bamboo Collars, $25+

Bamboo is literally the fastest growing plant on earth, which means it’s very easy to replenish—unlike most trees. Bamboo is also super strong and has a soft feel, making it the perfect material for our favorite fur companions. Mollymutt’s bamboo collars come in lots of fun designs, including floral prints, llama prints, arrows, and more. Sizes range from small (10-inches) to extra-large (28 inches), so there’s bound to be an option that fits your dog or cat.



The Original Poop Bags - Compostable Dog Poop Bags, $17.99

Scoopin’ poop is probably the least desirable part of being a pet parent, but someone’s got to do the dirty work. The Original Poop Bags sells compostable dog poop bags in sets of 200, making them the no-brainer option over single-use plastic. Even if you don’t personally compost, these eco-friendly bags are biodegradable which means they’ll become one with the earth wherever they end up. And if you are a composter, then cheers to some nice, earth-friendly (and pet-friendly!) fertilizer in your future.


L.L. Bean - Recycled Waterhog Dog Mat, $24.95

Though it may not seem necessary, a feeding mat keeps your floor clean and also helps prevents waterlogged floorboards around the space your pet eats and drinks. They also ensure bowls stay put since they’re often grippy on the top and bottom. This robust dog mat from L.L. Bean is made with recycled plastic, and you can totally use it for cats, too. It comes in five different colors, so take your pick.



Ethique - Bow Wow Bar, $13

Approved for dogs and horses, Ethique’s Bow Wow Bar is an eco-friendly dog shampoo made with natural ingredients such as neem, tea tree, oatmeal, and coconut oil. This pH balanced bar helps moisturize and soothe their skin while gently cleaning so your pet smells fresh and feels fluffy. It also boasts antifungal properties and helps keep fleas at bay, which is something you and your dog will both enjoy. To use, just wet your pup, then work the bar of soap into a lather and gently scrub per usual before rinsing.


Which of the above eco-friendly pet products most appeal to you? Are there any you’ve already purchased? Either way, we’d love to continue the earth-friendly discussion on the app. Come on over to hang out and connect with fellow pet nerds on purrch.

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