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How the Purrch App is Delivering Community in New and Exciting Ways

The fun just doesn’t stop rolling here at purrch, your mobile app destination for all things pets. In addition to exciting collaborations with adoption agencies and innovative technology that’s helping pets get adopted, we’ve introduced a handful of new in-app rollouts that make pet parents’ user experience way more fun. Below are just a few new and exciting ways we’re delivering an authentic, pet-centric community experience for our users.

Highly Customized Personal Feeds

Using data about your pet and from your posts, we’re able to deliver a highly customized news feed to each and every user on the purrch app. In fact, your feed looks completely different from any other user’s and prioritizes posts from other profiles just like yours.

For example, if you have a six-month-old Goldendoodle puppy, you’ll see posts from other pets who are similar in age and breed. This changes in real-time, too! As your puppy gets older, the feed will adapt. And if your pet were to develop a medical issue—such as a skin ailment or an eye disease—then you’ll start seeing similar posts. In that sense, we take the work out of seeking out a community you can relate to by delivering one that’s already perfectly tailored to you.

We Bring Rescue Families Together

As an extension of the customized personalized feeds, purrch is also bringing rescue families together in a way that has never been done before. When you indicate your pet is from a specific rescue shelter, you’ll automatically become a part of that family on the app. You can meet and interact with other pets who were adopted from the same exact shelter, and in cases where the shelter itself is a purrch member you’ll see their current pets up for adoption.

This is organized by tab within the app. The community tab shows all members of that rescue community, the alumni tab pulls in all of the rescue alumni pets, and the adopt/foster tab pulls in all the rescue shelter and foster pets together in one place.

This is a cool feature for not just individuals, but for the rescue organizations themselves. These organizations have an opportunity to add the pets currently up for foster or adoption from their facility, which in turn helps those pets find forever homes. And because potential adoptees get to learn about these adoptable pets in real-time, it allows for a more organic forever home fit.

Purrch Communities

Our Communities are feeds for specific rescue organizations, brand partners, and select influencers. These channels are for learning, sharing, and bonding with others. For example, if you’re a big shopper at Chewy, you can join the Chewy Community to stay up to date with the latest news, fun products, and more. Or if you’re a client and community member of Animal Loving Care, a Brooklyn-based groomer, you can easily find and connect directly with fellow clients.

Once you join a specific Community you’ll be able to tag that Community in the posts you create. Simply select the community from the dropdown menu when creating a post and then press submit. That post will go to the community channel, as well as any other users who might also benefit from seeing that post.

Of course, the concept of purrch in and of itself is very innovative. We’re a niche social media app, which means you know exactly what you’re getting (a pet-focused experience) when you open the app on your phone. In that sense, purrch is a filtered, “outside noise”-free zone that makes you feel good. Ready to join? Good, because we’re ready for you to be part of our family!

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