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The 4 Best DNA Tests For Dogs Of 2022

Since at-home DNA tests hit the market, over 26 million people have submitted their saliva to get more insight into their ancestry. Given how much we love our pups and consider them actual family members, it only makes sense that dog DNA tests have taken the world by storm, too. 

If you’ve ever been curious about DNA tests for dogs, or have already committed to buying a dog DNA testing kit for your sweet fluff, you’re in the right place. 

Not only are we sharing our top picks for the best dog DNA test kits your money can buy, but we're inviting you to join in on the conversation. Share your experiences and opinions on purrch. We believe the BEST advice comes from those who’ve lived it. 


Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test For Dogs, $159.99

Best: Comprehensive Dog DNA Test (Buy It)
Image Credit: Chewy.com

Why it Makes the List: Wisdom Panel’s premium doggy DNA test is one of the most robust options out there. This two-part kit consists of both a breed testing component and a genetic mutation component. The first part screens for an impressive 350+ dog breeds—including a handful of rare and exotic breeds—while the second can detect over 200 different diseases most likely to affect your canine. In that sense, you’ll not only get a feel for your dog’s ancestral makeup, but you’ll also be notified of any potential illnesses and ailments to be on the lookout for as your pup gets older.



Embark Dog DNA Test for Purebred Pets 

Best: Purebred DNA Test for Dogs (Buy It)
Image Credit: Amazon.com

Why it Makes the List: If you own a purebred dog, knowing its genetic diversity can provide insight into its “genetic coefficient of inbreeding” (COI). While purebred dogs want to maintain specific traits to keep the lineage, well,” pure,” too much inbreeding also isn’t ideal. Dogs with a high COI are more likely to have offspring with negative recessive traits that puts their health and quality of life at risk. Embark’s Purebred at-home DNA testing kit indicates where your dog’s COI falls. 



Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test for Ancestry, Traits, and Medical Complications

Best: Value Option for At-Home Dog DNA Testing (Buy It)
Image Credit: Amazon.com 

Why it Makes the List: Though Wisdom Panel’s premium test provides robust insight into your dog’s genetic makeup and health, it does come at a cost. If you’re seeking a high-value product that won’t break the bank, try the brand’s Essential doggy DNA test kit instead. It also screens for over 350 different dog breeds, including 35 traits that give nice insight into your dog’s specific physical traits (including their hair and face shape). The difference between the two is that it tests for only 25 common dog health conditions versus the 200+ in the premium version. 


Orivet Dog Breed Test Kit + Wellness Plan

Best: Wellness-Focused DNA Test Kit (Buy It)
Image Credit: Amazon.com 

Why it Makes the List: This dog ancestry testing kit from Orivet is another great value purchase at under $70, but we love that it also comes with a personalized wellness plan to ensure your pup feels their best. After testing your dog’s genetic makeup, you’ll receive a “Lifeplan” that takes a handful of factors into consideration, including your dog’s breed, age, weight, location, lifestyle, and sex. You’ll receive insights like what their diet should look like, what they need in terms of exercise, and more. Another perk is that Orivet works with no-kill shelters.

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